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Nurtured Birth Childbirth Services provides doula services in Bloomington, Normal, Peoria and the surrounding central IL communities. We also provide Hypnobabies childbirth education services in Peoria, South Chicago Suburbs and the surrounding central Illinois communities. Our mission is to assist the mother during pregnancy and labor so she can realize the childbirth experience that she wants.

Childbirth Education

Christina is a certified Hypnobabies® childbirth educator. Childbirth education classes will be offered to meet the needs of the mothers we serve. Class offerings can be found on our Hypnobabies® page. Getting the right childbirth education is an important part of the birthing process. Knowledge is power. Even if you've had children in the past, childbirth education can be an integral part of your prenatal plan. If you're looking for a different type of birth experience, please allow us to empower you with additional knowledge. Hypnobabies® is a complete childbirth education that uses eye open childbirth hypnosis and combines that with a comprehensive childbirth education to help our mother's obtain an easy and comfortable birthing.

Doula Services

Having a doula at your birth can enhance the birthing process for both you and your partner. With a clear understanding of her childbirth options, a mother is able to make informed choices. We are committed to supporting whatever choice the mother makes for her and her baby.

Allowing the mother to make her own decisions during pregnancy and labor will help make childbirth a satisfying experience that has many benefits. Not only will her recovery after labor be quicker, she will bond better with her infant, and as a result, become a more confident mother.

There are additional benefits of a doula's services which extend to the birth partner as well. The education of the birth partner during the pregnancy and the continuous presence of the doula during labor will encourage the birth partner to participate at his/her own comfort level. During a long labor the doula will ensure the birth partner has the rest and nourishment they need.